Hello everyone, I am a working person and I have discovered a recent hobby – growing marijuana indoors. Why indoors? Because I live in an apartment and I don’t have an outdoor space to grow plants. Also, indoor growing could help save the crops from insects and other issues. I started by researching a lot and came with a few best ideas to grow really good weed indoors: like which lights to use, fertilisers, fans etc. which I am gonna write down in my blog here. I already posted a blog about the top rated LED lights that you could use to grow really good weed. My friends were amazed to taste the marijuana that I grew and they said that my stuff tasted the best. I am not only writing this blog for recreational purposes but also to help serious growers know and understand how to get started, steps to grow cannabis and what could help them in getting best yield. I also intent to help those trying to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes.

I hope you find what you are looking for in my blog and that it could help you gain more knowledge on how to grow the best marijuana ever. I am very much sure that the reviews and the how-to steps in my blog posts would definitely help you get the best weed. Happy growing.

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